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For those of you who have e-mail, we get alot of junk I right? admit it we do, and you delete them straight away, well..not this time, one caught my eye, mistake number 1! Anyway, Im now a dragon, yes thats right. a dragon but Im getting ahead of myself here, perhaps I should start from the beginning.

"Chris!!, get up your going to be late for work! get your butt outta your pit and come down for breakfast!"

That was my Mom, shes always nagging, shouting at me from downstairs at the start of every single morning.

"Okay Mom! Im doing it sheesh"

I reluctently get out of bed, dragging my feet across the carpet, still half asleep I might add, rubbing the sleep out my eyes I get to the bathroom door.

"Bugger....locked, Helen! get out of there Im going to be late"

"Quit your whining Chris! Im doing my hair"

I bang on the door, frustrated, I dont have time for this, I kick the door and slump on the wall, Helen, my sister, has always hogged the bathroom at the start of every morning, Im just not up early enough, which is strange beacause on a school day, she doesent want to get up, but on a weekend, shes up really early like 6 o clock just to watch some stupid dragon programme on the tv, shes really into dragons, but I beg to differ, anyway I bang on the door again.

"Cmon you little wretch! now your just sodding around"

I hear her laugh which got me really annoyed, 10 minutes before I have to leave, right, no more mr nice brother, I fetch my pocket knife and unlatch the door, bursting in I grab her and throw her out, despite her protests I ignore her.

"Im tellin Mom!"

"Go ahead, like she'll give a toss" laughing, I brush my hair and teeth and go down for breakfast, when I spy whats on the table...urgh...slop for breakfast...yum.

"Are you not hungrey Chirs?" said my Mom  

"No no, I just bet be going"

I kiss her on the cheek and flick my sisters ear and run out...quickly, I got in my car and drove for work, one hour later I arrive at my office, I work for this some kind of sales company, and I check their invoices, I said hello to my workmates, grabbed a coffee and begun typing, hours past...very..long hours so I decided it was time for a break, I saved my work and opened up my e-mail and skimmed through the dozens of them that had to be read.

"Junk...junk...junk...dont it"

I was about to close everything down when I got a new e-mail

"Well I got time, lets see here..hmm"

I clicked open when I got bombarded with colours, obviously some kind of video, I turned the speakers on and listened, this is what it said:

"Hey there! have you ever wanted to see what its like to be a dragon? escape the stress of everyday life?! then heres your chance, click accept and be ready for the journey of a life time!"

After that, I was completely amazed, who would create such a peice of crap...excuse my french, After the voice stopped speaking a little image of what I would imagine, after seeing so many pictures on deviant and my sisters book, was an anthro red dragon, with the accept button beneth it, I was more interested in the dragon, it looked so life like, as if it were a picture.

"Bah...computers now days can do that no problem, I deleted the e-mail and shut down my workstation, time for home I thought, I signed out, got in my car and drove for home, but all the way back, I couldnt help but think of the e-mail I just got.

"Become a dragon? everyday life? what the hell?"

I decided to forget the whole thing, when I got in I got the usasal greeting from my Mom, I dumped my bag and coat in the closet and was about to go up stairs when I was strcuk by a book!

"What the hell!?"

"THATS for flicking me in the ear this morning!"

My sister had dropped one of her dragon books on my head and boy did it hurt, a 1000 page book usally does!

Cursing at her but couldnt be asked to chase after her, I decided to check if any of my freinds were on Deviant, I loaded up my laptop and logged onto the website, nope, no one was online today, I left my computer on a lay down on my bed for a nap, I was tired from today, I dont know how long I slept but I was awoke by my latop, I got a message on my e-mail, I looked at the clock and it was 10pm

"Strange, who'd be mailing me now?"

I opened up the e-mail to find the useasall junk when I caught sight of that Dragon e-mail I had at work, I was confused

"'d they get this address?"

I opened it and got the same video and the same real looking dragon again, I wanted a return address so I could tell whoever to sod off, but it was annoymamous, I stared at that red dragon before moving my cursor over the close when someone spoke

"Hey! what do you think you are doing?"

I jumped out of my skin

"who is there?" I said twirling around "Helen?! are you in here again? what have I told you about coming in my room?"

"Trust me, Im not your sister"

I turned back to my laptop screen to see that the dragon had moved, instead of looking to the side and standing up, it was now looking at me and sitting down

"Pfft...stupid video"

I went to close it

"Hey dont do that! Im not done talking"

When I saw the dragon talking at ME that time I didnt know what to do

"No way! your not talking, Ive had enough of this"

"Had enough of what?"

I couldnt believe it, this dragon was talking to me

"How can we be talking?!"

"Quite simple, out lips move and words come out"

"This in not real"

"Trust me, its as real as this gets"

I didnt know what to do, calming down a little I talk back

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Well...Im here to make you an offer that you cant refuse"

"What kind of offer?"

I was still talking to a laptop so I had to listen

"What would you say to a new life? One thats so good to be really true!"

"Go on Im listening"

I didnt care just was curious

"What would you say if I could turn you into a dragon! hows that sound?"

Turn me into a what?! Now I know Im crazy and seeing things

"Yeh right, this is just a dream and I'll wake up soon enough"

"Trust me Chris, this in no dream"

"How do you know my name?"

"Thats not important, what is, is that do you accept my generous offer or not, just click accept and your new life begins"

I didnt know what to say, I must be going crazy, but still, I was curious, and I always say never believe in anything unless it had a concrete exsistance, so, I clicked accept, and at that moment my computer froze

"Ah no!, my laptop, I shoulda seen it was a virus, Bugger!!, stupid stupid stupid!"

I facepalm myself over and over, when my Mom calls me downstairs


I run downstairs to see her and my sis

"Chris, Im taking helen and her freinds to a concert, and Im going for a drink with some freinds to, we'll be gone all night, so dont destroy the place"

"Ok ok"

She kisses me goodbye and I watch them both leave and drive off,  not 5 minutes later there was a knock at my door, I walk to open it when I spy a small package on my doorstep, I peer outside but no-ones around

"The postman must be losing it a bit in the head"

I take the package inside and look at it, there was no address of my house, let alone a return address, nothing, just a small brown package

"well, I got it may as well open it"

I got out my pocket knife and open the box, inside was loads of packing foam, shifting all that stuff out of the way, I got out a small amulet, it was heavy and it had the sculpture of a small dragon with a amber gemstone encased around it, it certainly looked expensive, I saw that their was a note attached around the neck peice, I have a look at it and this is what it read:

"Dear Chris, thank you for accepting my offer, just wear the amulet and lets things take its toll, I warn you, it wont be pleasent at first, but all things good come afterwards, I suggest removing your closes and watches, down want them to get damaged do we,  dont expose yourself to much, and have fun!"

"Expose myself? remove clothes, this guys nuts!"

But I still couldnt help but be curious as to what this all meant, it was just to coinsidental, I had another look at the amuluet, the detail in the dragon was superb, and what was even stranger was that it felt like it was radiating warmth, figuring that its just been a long time in the box, I wanted to prove this note wrong, so I took off my clothes apart from my boxers and watch, not expecting anything to happen mind you...

Midnight, I take the amulet and place it round my neck, then suddenly!....

Nothing happened, not one thing

"Pfft, I thought as much, I knew it was a load of bull.....huh?"

I felt itchy, really ithchy...why..why am I so itchy, I scratch my arms and what I saw nearly made me faint, my skin was falling off, but thats not the reason I almost fainted, what was replacing it was a deep red colour! but when I felt it, it was smooth yet hard, they were scales!

"What the hell, what the HELL!??"

Is all I managed to say before I doubled over in pain, it felt like something was re arraging my organs, I vomited...yuk....but it didnt stop there, I saw that my entire arms were covered in deep red scales, my middle finger fused into another to form one digit, my nails grew more and became black claws! Im telling ya, Im scard at his point, but something kept me looking at the horror, the scales covered my legs, when they reached my feet, I felt my feet lenthing and become digitgrade, 3 claws erupted from my feet forming 3 toes, Id lost 2! the same happend to other foot, I didnt notice I was gaining size and musules, I felt my spine growing longer, and forcing a long scaly tail from my rear, it to was covered in the same red scales apart from the under side which had softer yellow plates, a sharp pain in my back made me yell, what looked like a second par of arms became my wings, I looked at myself in the mirro I had in my room, the only thing that remained human was my head, it would be commical if it wasent happening to me, I new that would soon chnage to, and sure enough the scales reached my neck, it starting the stretch growing longer, I felt my face push out into a draconic muzzle, my ears became pointed, my tounge long and forked and two pure whitle horns sprouted from head, I probed my long tougne through the many fangs in my mouth, my eyes become slits...and the transformation was complete...tired and scared, I collapse on the floor and black out.

Some time later

" head, did I drink bleach again?"

I tried to stand up but fell right back down again, I had to avoid hitting the furniture with my tail...MY TAIL?

"What the?!"

I had a tail, and held my hand in front of my face, to see a scaly, clawed hand, and see a snout in front of my face, the many fangs in my mouth made me feel un easy, dashing over to the mirror I nearly blacked out again, I was a dragon, a big red anthro dragon!, what do I do, how, did this happen? what when?! I suddenly remembered the amulet, which was nowhere to be found

"Where is it? where is IT?!"

I growled, Growled? thats not right, my sight had gotten really good and found that I could move my body in a very natural way, as If I had been a dragon my whole life, smells were more pungent to, I could smell my room, and my family was right, it does stink....but knows not the time, how do I chnage back? I heard my new messge pop up on my computer, I tried to open it but my talons where far to big for the mouse

"Oh great now what..."

What came next made me freeze, the front door opened

"Chris were home!"

"Oh crap!, er hi Mom"

"Chris? are you alright, you sound different, do you have a cold or something?"

"No no, Im fine, just fine..." I said while looking at my hands and feet

My sis was coming up the stairs and walked into my room

"No dont come in I......"

She literally froze, I just smiled weakly

"Er.......hi sis, heh heh"
My first atempt at a dragon story, I hope its good, but as I said its my first try, please commet :)
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ElectronicPVP Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  New Deviant
ItsTheComputer Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice story. If only all junk email was that awesome ^^
Xenamare Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015
Me I'd like to get  an E-mail from Princess Celestia from My Little Pony and have a change something similar to A anthro Unicorn Mare ( with Big  Bouncy Boobs ) *Blushes * and I love Dragon's too .  :)
Wishingpole Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Sisters have no knowledge of privacy.
Dragonboytf Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
lets hope you don't run away :3
chaosdragon77 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Chaossymbol Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It is really good. Please make further dragon stories. The part of the story was, when the dragon in the E- Mail began to talk. I really had to laugh when I read it. maybe you could write a continuation.
Grandfather-Kiba Featured By Owner May 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
it certainly had me engrossed.... i felt as if it would go on until his death! it was addictive. please continue!!!
Coredeath Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
I did, its in my gallery
Darkdragondemon Featured By Owner May 17, 2008
excellent story! can't wait to read the next part. ^^
somethingmissed Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
Yes! Another story for me to enjoy! Sometimes i take notes while i read stories, and i decided to do that with yours.

1) You started the story off in a an interesting way.... a question, this drew me in and held my interest as i read on. However, you
randomly comment after word that you turned into a dragon. I know the two are connected, but as i start to read i have no idea what the story is about, and so that seems quite random.

2) When you state that Chris worked for "some kind of sales company" it seems like he doesn't know much about what he doing, if he just got hired maybe stating that might clear it up.

3) when Chirs opened the e-mail, the description you described is almost exactly what a junk email would be percepted as today. It was described quite nicely. :)

4) When Chirs shut down the e-mail program, that was an unexpected twist i didn't foresee. I would have guesses him to accept the email from clique, but, he didn't! Thats what makes this part of the story so original. Many new paths open up that I can't predict and so I'm on the edge of my seat.... waiting... and watching, errr, reading.

5) I like how when Chris got hit in the head with the book, you not only describe the pain, but you also find a way to use that as a transition to describe the book itself being, "1000 pages long"

6) i loved how Chris logged on to deviant art! XD We can REALLY connect to that!

7) i couldn't help but wonder why you would define the fact that he had his computer on while he went to sleep.... not to mention he got an e-mail earlier, i can foreshadow what might happen.

8) Its kind of suspenseful how he got the dragon email even though they don't have his address >..>

9) My mind is racing with the twists you create when all of a sudden the email starts talking. Right now i am thinking, "ok, what the heck is going on?"

10) When Chris's curious answer to when he hears the dragon speaking to him over the email kind of counter acts the reaction he portrayed when he first heard it. However, the next thing that Chris says, "yea right, this is just a dream" reforms the steady thought in the character.

11) You killed me when the computer froze X..X i was anticipating something to happen but you HAD to keep the suspense going now didn't you? GRrrrr...

12) an amulet? le gasp! Giant connection to the charter stone right there!

13) I find it sort of odd how Chris's mother would take her daughter to a concert at nearly midnight. Unless when you put on the amulet was several hours after you got the package, in which case it would seem more logical for Chris to take his cloths off then instead of streaking around the house naked for a couple of hours.

14) I like how you describe how the scales were not only forming but were causing the skin to fall off, i can relate this to how itchy skin feels when it comes off in real life, nice detail.

15) i like how you stopped briefly in the middle of describing the transformation to describe how Chris felt instead of one continuous block of description.

16) nice detail on how he tried to open the email but his talons were too big, it helps us see how his new form is reacting to the environment around it.

17) I love the suspense you create when the family comes home and Chris is now a dragon. BUT YOU ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME
WITH THE ENDING!!! That was a very suspenseful place to end it but, WHY!!! WHY DO YOU END IT THERE!?!?!?

This was a nice short story, you got a couple of spelling errors here and there but hey, even Microsoft word's spell check isn't perfect. It went along smooth enough for me to follow nicely, and more twists and turns then i could shake a stick at. Good job! :)
Coredeath Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
bloody hell! now thats a comment lol
somethingmissed Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
Ya, sorry, i some times get cought up in this stuff -..-' But quite recently i have come across a lot of stories i want to read and i might have to decrease the amount of notes to save time.
Alendie Featured By Owner May 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Coolieo!!! I wish I had story talent like you.... but anywho! it was awsome!!!
vulpixhelen Featured By Owner May 14, 2008  Student General Artist
coolios! but im NOT like that and u know im not ur just using our names
BladeReaper666 Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
I lovez it! Man, I am envious of your talent as a storyteller.
vulpixhelen Featured By Owner May 14, 2008  Student General Artist
im a libra 2
BladeReaper666 Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
vulpixhelen Featured By Owner May 15, 2008  Student General Artist
yay us...though im also a virgo 2 (dates vary)
BladeReaper666 Featured By Owner May 16, 2008
Oh, I see
LittleRockinDragon Featured By Owner May 13, 2008   Traditional Artist
:wow: that's not bad at all!
Snake-Plisken Featured By Owner May 13, 2008  Professional Artist
Its awesome Core
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