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"Er....Hi sis, heh heh"

She just stared at me, confused and scared, I slowly got up and folded up my wings, just smiling weakly at her, what do I do? what do I say, its not everyday you see a  big red dragon in your brothers room is it, for what seemed like an enternity of silence, I decided to be the one who broke it.

"Erm..Helen? dont be scared, its me Chris"

When she heard that this creature was insisting it was her Brother, well, she was even more confused and scared than ever.

"Im not going to hurt you" I said stepping closer

"No no! get away!"

"Helen! its me Im telling you, Chris! youve got to believe me"

"Your not my brother!"

She saw Chris's clothes all over the floor, convinced that this thing had done something to him.


She saw my pocket knife on the floor, grabbed it, and waved it at me


I swear, she was going to kill me or something, instictivly I grabbed her arm, she shreiked and slashed at my hand.

"ARGH!" I craddled my hand as my blood poured out "Helen? why would you do that?" I said, I was actually starting to cry now, the tears moving sleekly down my muzzle.

When she saw that this creature was crying, her entire attitude changed, she dropped the knife, still unsure on what to do.


"YES! its me, first you drop a ten ton book on my head for flicking you in the ear, now you cut my hand! er...claw"

"It really is you?" she stepped slowly closer to me but still cautious, she cant believe that this thing is what used to be her annoying brother.

"What...what happened to you?"

After wiping some tears away with a talon, and wrapping the cut with my now rather small T-shirt I tell her everything, from the weird e-mail at work, the dragon on the laptop, the amulet, everything.

"What amulet? you mean this?"

She held the amulet that transformed me in front of me, I was amazed.

" did you get that?"

"I found it on the stairs coming up, before"

"I must of dropped it, it must of rolled out of my room onto the landing...wait..dont put it on!"

She gave me a blank stare


I facepalm myself "becasue you little git...that is what did this to me" I said pointing at myself

"Alright alright, no need to call me a 'git', where did you get it from?"

"I told you, after I clicked accept and you and mom went out, it arrived at our door, no address, name, nothing"

She rubbed the amulet over with her thumb, with a curious look in her eye, I catch that glimpse, hoping shes not thinking what I think shes thinking.

"Now hang on one minute, your not really considering wearing that cursed thing?"

She didnt awnser, just looked at it, she loved dragons, she'd been fascinated by them ever since she can remember, and had always wanted to feel what it was like to be one, but they were just dreams, but now, she could do it, all she had to do was put the thing on.

"Im just...curious thats all Chris"

"Think about it Helen god dammit!, I dont even know if I can change back, I mean look at me, Im a monster"

"Your not a monster, Dragons are gracefull, intelligent beings, well, I dont know about 'intelligent' in your case Chris"


I dont believe this, here she is, talking  about all this, and shes got the nerve to crack jokes

"Now listen here you" I said pointing a talon at her "I didnt want this, it was just thrust on me, dont make the mistake Helen, think about what you'll have to leave behind"

"I have and I think its worth it" she went to place the thing round her neck, it started to glow but I grab it before she had the chance"

"HEY!, I want that Chris, its my desision"

"Negative amigo, I wont let you"

Here we are arguing at the top of our lungs and have forgotten our Moms downstairs

"KIDS! what you up to up there, Im coming up to sort you two out!"

We hear her coming up the stairs, all of a sudden Im in a panic

"Ah no!, Helen! you've got to hide me, I cant let Mom see me like this"

"Yes but where!"

I franticly look around, and spot my bed, you see, Ive one of these bunk beds with a huge underneath and well hidden storage space.

"In here" I said pulling out the bed, quickly chucking out all the heavy boxes, well, they were heavy as a human but now there like feathers, I cram my dragon self inside and my sis closes it up behind me, just in time when Our mom came a marching in.

"Wheres your brother?"

"Oh he er..went to the shops..yeh to get chicken!"

Its at that moment I slap my forehead

"Chicken..?" said Mom "Er...o..k..did he climb out of the window or something?"

"Yes he did, you know how Im calling him fat all the time, he needs the exercise"

I growl from under the bed, shes got a nerve

"What was that?"

"Im hungry!"

"Well..ok then, I guess we'll be having chicken tonight" she left, confused but not suspicous "I'll just pop out to get the truck washed ok, when your brother gets back and puts the...chicken away tell him to clean this mess up, its like a bombs hit it"

"Ok I'll tell him that, cya laters"

Helen waits for her to exit the house and drive before letting me out, I fall out face first, gasping for breath, you see, I was cramped up next to some socks, god knows how long theyve been fermenting under my bed, sheesh

"Ok shes gone"

"Good, now what do I do? I cant hide forever, let alone anyone else see me"

She thinks for a while before coming up with an idea "write a letter, saying you had no choice but to leave, dont include the dragon bits, she'll think your crazy, but if you had to leave, just say you'll be back soon, until you can sort out this mess, find the guy that did this to you"

Standing up, I nod and start packing the essentials, food, books and my laptop, I started crying again, I dont want to leave everything behind, Ive freinds family, its not fair, I start to really sob now, Helen just puts a hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me.

"Cmon Chris, despite what happens in life, no matter what the types of turns it takes, life must go on ya know"

"Thanks sis, that makes me feel a little better, but It lonely out there..."

She thinks for a while before sighing "I could...come with you..if you want"

"But...but you cant fly"

"Well..if you hand me the amulet..I could.."

I see what shes doing, shes trying to sly her way into getting the amulet "Look! I know what your up to, you cant have this, dont make the mistake I did"

"Chris...Im your sister..we stick together ok? I get what Ive always wanted, and you dont have to go through this alone"

"But what about Mom? we cant to this to her"

"We'll just leave, I know it may be harsh, but its better than letting her know the truth"

I look at her, I could see in her eyes how despretly she wanted this, I just lower my head and hand it to her " wont be pleasent at first, dont say I didnt warn you, and you sure about this?"

"Im totally sure Chris" she takes it and places it around her neck, at first nothing happneded, just as before, but when I saw her skin to fall off and be replaced by green scales, I just smiled weakly, I could see she was in pain, but she only gave the short yelp or grunt and a deep sigh when her tail grew, her feet became digitgrade, and her middle finger fused to one digit, she grew claws from her fingernails and her face pushed out into a muzzle and the horns followed crowning her the dragon she now was, she was a green anthro dragon, just a little smaller than me, she just looed at me, her eye colour stayed the same but her pupils had become slits, just like a reptile, she smiled at me.


I smile back "You didnt have to do this y'know"

"I know..but I so wanted to, haha!"

"Where to now"

"Its almost dark, we should leave"

We both step out into the back yard, with difficulty getting through all the doors mind you, making sure no-one was around, spread our wings all fly off above the clouds our new insticts guiding us, it felt great to soar in the clouds, so free and natural, perhaps this wont be such a bad life after all.

So there you have it, good thing I took my laptop with me other wise I wouldnt be able to tell you deviants my story, took me a while to use the keyboard properly, and the mouse, hehe, no matter what happens, life goes on my freinds, life goes on, keep an eye out for large flying things on the Dover coastline, you might see something you didnt expect ^.=.^
Part 2 yay! I was being nagged at by a few people about "dont leave it on a cliff hanger!"

Maily by my sister lol, but yeh, Im on a roll with this story lark, I hope you enjoy :)
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killjoy421 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
nice i enjoyed it and it was very expertly crafted. 10/10
RuCarNutz Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice. I liked it alot. Very nice. Why no part 3? It seems like this could become a very, very good series!
Coredeath Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012
Nah, way to old of a story now to continue rolling with it =3
cynderfan35 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Well that was just great part 2. I liked this very much...
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Coredeath Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2008
I dont think there can be a chapter 3 yknow
Darkdragondemon Featured By Owner May 17, 2008
this story rocks. can't wait for more =)
somethingmissed Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
I like how Chris's sister doubted Chris calling himself a monster by stating what she "knew" about dragons, rather then just trying to calm him down. It better shows her knowledge and obsession with the creatures

I love how the mother doesn't know and the sister does, this opens up a lot of roads. Will the sister tell mom? Will she keep his secret?

It is fantastic that you decided to have Chris's sister be transformed too. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of transformation stories i have read that only focused around one character. Having two characters, especially part of the family, was a nice way to try and get the readers to think of the new concept.

The ending was GREAT, i just thought you put the deviant art thing in part one for a simple connection! I had no idea it was where he would post his story! Its a great twist and is sure to bend other minds as it has with mine.

I certainly enjoyed this short story! By the way, what inspired you to create this?
Coredeath Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
I dunno, My names Chris, my sisters names Helen, I like dragons, she likes dragons, so it just came to me I guess
somethingmissed Featured By Owner May 16, 2008
Oh, *facepalms* i should have realized that earlier >..< still, good story.
LittleRockinDragon Featured By Owner May 14, 2008   Traditional Artist
dude you are a very good wrier!! very funny too :rofl:
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